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Kingdom Hearts II Final mix aux USA?
le 13/01/2007 à 18h25 par shiriu

Selon cet article, Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, en d?vellopement sur ps2, serait ?galement pr?vu aux Etats Unis. Je vous laisse lire l'article bien qu'il n'y ai eu aucune confirmation de la part de Square Enix. (Ce serait quand meme une information g?niale si celle ca? s'av?rait etre exacte)

"Rounding out the PS2 portion of the article is a pair of RPGs from Japan that will be coming to America for the first time. EGM says that Wild Arms 5 will arrive in the Summer and Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix will take up the fight in the Fall.

But hold up just a minute, you say Kingdom Hearts II came out last year? Why yes it did, but Final Mix is a special edition of KH2 that includes the full U.S. version and a bunch of bonus features. These include extra cut scenes, new bosses (including Sora's evil twin Roxas) and a 3D version of the GBA's Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (that's right, a full game is considered an extra).

Square-Enix has traditionally released these "director's cut" of their top-tier RPGs only in Japan and if EGM is to be believed, Final Mix will mark the first time one of them has made it to America.

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